What To Wear Under Quarter Zip?

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A quarter-zip sweater, also called a quarter-length zip or quarter-zip, goes with just about any outfit you can think of, and can be worn alone as well as layered under other clothing items. The versatility of the quarter zip makes it an essential item in every man’s wardrobe. However, what should you wear underneath? Of course, it all depends on the weather and your style, but some options are better than others. Putting on this sweatshirt staple can be an easy way to add warmth and style to any outfit, but how you accessorize underneath can make all the difference in how it looks. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available, ranging from warm winter leggings to breezy summer dresses. No matter what look you’re going for, Keep reading to learn more about what to wear under quarter zip sweaters.


I’ve been a huge fan of t-shirts ever since I can remember. I wear them on a daily basis and switch between different styles depending on my mood, who I’m with, or where I’m going. There are so many different prints, colors, and cuts that you could never have enough t-shirts in your wardrobe. Plus, the best part is that they are the most affordable piece of clothing you can buy! 

I love my clothes to be very versatile so no matter what I am wearing for the day, I always have at least one t-shirt with me. When it comes to choosing which t-shirt to wear, it depends on how much time I will spend outside that day. If it’s going to be an indoors kind of day, then my favorite choice would be a graphic tee because they are comfortable and easy. When the weather is nicer outside, then I like more fitted shirts because they can look more dressed up but also still feel lightweight enough if it starts raining later in the day. As long as you dress according to what type of weather forecast there is for that specific day, you should never have any problems finding something perfect to wear underneath a quarter zip!

Button-down shirts

  1. A Turtleneck or Rolled-up Sleeves – This is a good option if the weather is cold outside. You can also do this if you’re working from home and want something less formal. 2. A Henley or Sweater – This will be perfect for when the weather starts getting warmer, or if you’re going on a date and want to put your best foot forward. 3. An Overshirt – This is another good option for warmer weather, but it can also work as an extra layer in the winter. If you have an undershirt with sleeves and are wearing long sleeves that cover it, you’ll still have the arm coverage of an undershirt without having to worry about the inconvenience of trying to get your arms through those tight holes! 4. A Blazer or Sports Jacket – These are great options if it’s cool outside and you don’t feel like dressing too formally but still want something more than just a button down shirt. 5. Dresses & Skirts – It might seem like dresses would fall into more formal attire, but they make great casual clothing choices too!

Tank tops

Wearing a tank top under a short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt is an easy way to stay cool in the summer. But, what if you find yourself with no sleeves and need something for that summer day? A tank top can also be worn as an undershirt! This is great for those hotter days when you don’t want to have layers on. Tank tops are lightweight and they keep you cool with their breathability. They’re also versatile enough to use them as an undershirt, so it’s really worth having a few in your closet. There’s always going to be someone who disagrees but I think we can all agree that there’s nothing better than cooling off after being hot all day. That feeling of relief is amazing. 

One last thing to mention about wearing a tank top under other clothes is that the color of your tank top should match well with whatever color clothing you’re wearing over it – whether its another tank top or just regular shirts and sweaters. For example, navy blue tanks would look best paired with jeans, khakis, black slacks or skirts while light blue tanks would look best paired with lighter colored pants like khakis, white slacks and jeans.

Crop tops

Cropped tops are a great way to show off your best asset, which is often your legs. They’re perfect for a day at the beach or a night out on the town. Just make sure you’re comfortable with what’s going on underneath. 

1) The first step is finding a top that falls in the right place on your torso so you don’t have any awkward skin peeking through. Tops that hit mid-thigh will work just fine, but if you prefer something shorter, try looking for shirts that fall anywhere between your navel and hipbone. 

2) Next, decide whether or not you want to show off a bra strap or some cleavage. If not, try wearing a cami underneath. A halter style would also be an option. If you do want to flaunt your girls, consider pairing it with an embellished collar shirt or tank top that has cutouts around the neckline for easy access without having to undo anything! 3) Don’t forget about bottoms! Though many people opt for shorts when it comes time to dress up their outfits, there are plenty of other options available as well like pants or skirts of various lengths depending on where you’ll be headed (the office vs. club). 4) Choose from either jeans or slacks depending on where you’ll be heading and feel free to spice things up by opting for leggings if it’s chilly outside!

Sports bras

A sports bra is an essential piece of clothing for anyone that is physically active. It supports the chest during vigorous exercise and keeps breasts from bouncing during high-impact activities. Sports bras come in many styles, colors, and levels of support. Choosing the best bra for you means considering your size, what type of activity you will be doing, and how much support you need. 

The first thing most people think about when it comes to bras is how they are going to provide their breasts with enough support when doing physical activity. The level of support provided by a sports bra can vary depending on the type of exercise and what style you choose. The more coverage a sports bra provides the less likely it will be able to keep your breasts from bouncing around while exercising or running vigorously.


There are various options for what you can wear underneath your quarter-zip, such as a thin t-shirt, cotton tank top or even a long sleeve tee. If you don’t have any of those on hand and don’t want to go out and buy one just for this purpose, try wearing an undershirt with a built-in shelf bra. This type of bra is designed to provide support while still being comfortable enough to be worn all day. It’s also great for giving your clothes more shape! The thicker fabric will help the whole outfit feel warmer, too. When it comes to skirts, the possibilities are endless: some people like adding a scarf around their waist or if they’re feeling especially bold they might even choose pants! 

The most important thing when deciding what underwear to wear under your shirt is that it fits well and provides the desired coverage.

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